Wickedtemptations.com Website Review & Ratings + Wicked Temptations Coupons
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Wickedtemptations.com Website Review & Ratings + Wicked Temptations Coupons

Wicked Temptations: Products & Services

Wicked Temptations sells adult clothing for both men and women. Wicked Temptations also sells adult toys and costumes..

Wicked Temptations has numerous shopping categories:

Wicked Temptations: Company Background

Wicked Temptations was founded in 1993 by Mark Hoffman. Wicked Temptations opened their onine store in 1995, and was first one of the first lingerie companies to have an online store. The Wicked Temptations headquaters is located in Gardena, California.

Wicked Temptations contact information:

Phone: (800)-883-9693

Fax: (800)-724-5200

1441 W 132nd St, Gardena, CA, USA

Wicked Temptations: Customer Feedback & Reviews

There are very few customer reviews for Wicked Temptations online. The few customers reviews there were, were mixed; some loved the store, while others did not.

Some positive reviews commented on:

  • Huge selection
  • Low price
  • Fast shipping

Some negative customer reviews commented on:

  • Bad customer service
  • Orders were late or never came

Some customer reviews were:

"I have ordered several times from wickedtemptations.com and never had any problems. The prices are low and the shipping is fast."

"Very disappointed with this store. Items were out of stock and getting any information on when they would be available or what substitute items were in stock was near impossible. Many email requests to the store went unanswered. No shipping information was provided. Items just finally appeared. No effort to compensate for terrible customer service and poor fulfillment."

"Huge section of seductive dresses, lingerie and just about anything else a woman can wear to attract attention. Better and cheaper than VS and other high-end brands"

Wicked Temptations: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

Wicked Temptations is accredited with the Better Business Bureau, and has a Better Business Bureau rating of "A+". They have been accredited with the Better Business Bureau since 2005. Over the last three years, there has been 12 complaints filed against Wicked Temptations with the Better Business Bureau; all 12 complaints have been closed to the Better Business Bureau's satisfaction.

Wicked Temptations: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

Wicked Temptations website popularity:

  • Wicked Temptations has a worldwide Alexa traffic rating of 67,425 out of 30 million website.
  • Wicked Temptations has a Google page rank of three out of ten.
  • The Wicked Temptations website gets around 12,855 unique visitors daily.
  • About 71% of all the daily visitors to the Wicked Temptations' website are American.
Wicked Temptations: Social Media Presence

Wicked Temptations social media presence:

  • Wicked Temptations can be followed on Facebook; they have 18,318 likes on Facebook and have 661 people talking about them. Wicked Temptations updates their Facebook page daily.
  • Wicked Temptations can be followed on Twitter; they have 2,973 followers on Twitter and have posted 261 tweets. Wicked Temptations tweets once every couple of days.
  • Wicked Temptations has a blog customers can follow
Wicked Temptations: Website Security & Safety

The Wicked Temptations website is protected by Norton Secured VeriSign, and is tested daily by McAfee Secure. Google Safe Browsing lists the Wicked Temptations site as "not suspicious" and states that no malicious software or suspicious content has been detected on it in the last ninety days. The Google Safe browsing certificate can be viewed here.

Wicked Temptations: Pricing & Packages

Wicked Temptations offers very competitive prices on all their products. In a price comparison of three products, Wicked Temptations was the exact same price on one of the products, more expensive on one of the products, and cheaper on one of the products than their leading competitor was.

Leather Lace-Up Mini Dress

  • Wicked Temptations: $125.95
  • Leading competitor: $189.95

White Matte Halter Dress

  • Wicked Temptations: $39.95
  • Leading competitor: $39.95.

Fly-away Babydoll

  • Wicked Temptations $30.95
  • Leading competitor: $29.95
Wicked Temptations: Shipping Rates & Policies

Wicked Temptations shipping rates and policies:

  • Wicked Temptations ships worldwide
  • Orders are usually sent on the same day as the order.
  • American orders are either sent via UPS, USPS, or FedEx Priority Mail
  • Canadian and international orders are sent via FedEx 

Shipping costs for American orders:

  • UPS ground: shipping charges range from $6.95-$30.95, depending on how much the order is
  • 3-Day: shipping charges range from $13.90-$37.90, depending on how much the order is
  • 2-Day: shipping charges range from $15.90-$39.90, depending on how much the order is
  • Next Day: shipping charges range from $23.90-$47.90, depending on how much the order is

Shipping costs for Canadian orders:

  • Canadian: shipping charges range from $13.90-$37.90, depending on how much the order is

Shipping costs for international orders:

  • International: shipping charges range from $24.90-$48.90, depending on how much the order is
Wicked Temptations: Payment Methods Accepted

Wicked Temptations offers several different payment options. Wicked Temptations accepts the major credit cards; they accept MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Optima, and Visa. Wicked Temptations does not accept PayPal, Google Checkout or Amazon Payments, nor do they accept cheques or wire transfers. However; Wicked Temptations does accept money orders, but they only accept U.S. funds.

Wicked Temptations: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

Wicked Temptations Return/Refund policy:

  • Items need be returned in 20 business days to be refunded, but items on sale can not be refunded.
  • All items need to be in unused condition and need to be shipped in their original packaging along with the purchase receipt.
  • Refunds will be shipped within 30 business days.
  • Items can also be exchanged for similar priced items.
Wicked Temptations: Product images & screenshots
Wicked Temptations Coupons
Best Available Wicked Temptations Coupon:
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